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The personnel evaluation program of the Demosite School System reflects the educational philosophy, purposes, and goals of the state and district. It impacts the quality of teaching and learning through effective assessment and continuing development of all professional employees following the guidelines of Bulletin 130, (2015) and locally established criteria.

Demosite School District educators have high expectations for students and strive to provide students with educational opportunities that ensure they are college and career ready. The district and individual schools work toward the following professional evaluation goals:

  1. Offer rigorous instruction and learning experiences for all students to ensure they are college and career ready.
  2. Assure employment of certified and highly qualified personnel and retain effective professional employees.
  3. Foster the continuing professional growth of all educators.
  4. Support the development of new teachers and nurture the development of the experienced teacher.
  5. Embrace sound educational principles and strengthen the learning environment.
  6. Promote positive interpersonal relationships among personnel for continuing improvements of professional competencies.
  7. Provide procedures for self-evaluation, personal reflection, and peer collaboration.